Aerial Tech.

Eye in the Sky uses only the best gear to ensure that the final result of the footage or media is the best it can be. To get this result we have 2 main aerial setups for different uses.

Eye in the Sky - Tarot 960



Our main aerial setup features a very large (over 1m wide) hexacopter that features a 3 axis brushless gimbal for camera stabilization. It also has a high end flight controller that allows flights in turbulent conditions and also features built in fail safes to give the maximum reliability and safety when operating. This larger setup allows for long flight times, getting up to 20 minutes without a battery change allowing great flexibility for time dependent events.




Eye in the Sky - Aerial Photography PhantomOur other aerial setup we offer is a smaller quadcopter. This features a 2 axis brushless gimbal for stabilization. It features a very similar flight controller as our main setup that offers maximum versatility for its uses. This smaller setup allows for use indoors, this can lead to shots that you could only dream of previously. Being able to transition from an interior shot continuously into a stunning aerial view is something you can only get this way. The only limit to this setup is flight time featuring 3.5 minutes of flight per battery that is often enough to get the shot.


Both of our setups have live video transmission to our ground station, this means you can get the shot exactly like you want without any trial and error. It also allows for a live broadcast from the footage in the air, excellent for news broadcasts.


For any questions about our setups and there capabilities please get in touch through our Contact page.